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Alphachimp creates visual learning experiences

with joy & humanity.

We work with firestarters, whizkids, restless geniuses & unreasonable (wo)men to explore new media, neuroscience, visual facilitation and get stuff done.

We provide a cluster of inter-related services in the area of visual learning, problem-solving and innovation.

Each project is a little different as we work with clients and partners to craft something that fits their business needs or social goals.

We do a lot of different things on a daily basis:

We conduct workshops in visual facilitation skills.

We produce animations and short videos.

We “strategerize” with others to develop learning programs.

We work virtually to coach visual practitioners.

We consult social entrepreneurs and help them develop new business models.

We teach, speak and present new findings on neuroscience and visual facilitation.

A spin-off of the graphic facilitation company Alphachimp Studio Inc. (now called Discovery Doodles), this new firm is dedicated to working with change agents and social innovators looking for creative ways to share ideas and connect with audiences. 


Peter Durand | Founder & CEO 
As a painter, illustrator, designer and facilitator, Peter can draw better than he can talk (or dance). Fortunately, he uses visual learning in collaborative strategy and design situations to accelerate change. Since 2004, he has served as the House Artist at PopTech and creates a number of on-site paintings live during the annual conference. | @peterdurand | LinkedIn


Daniel Harris, MBA | Business Operations 
Former rock climber, lifelong math whiz, and new father, Daniel is comfortable figuring out tricky problems and making certain that the left hand knows what the right hand does. As head of operations, he not only keeps the lights on and wires plugged in, but coordinates all financial, technical and marketing functions for the company.


Patricia Fonner | Project Manager
Heading up our video, animation and print projects, Patricia has 15 years of experience in managing complex print and advertising projects. She likes to find the talented people, smoosh them together, and watch something wonderful emerge. She is a fun mom to a budding young rockstar.


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