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These combine the power of the spoken word with the magic of drawing. Perfect for internal communication, external marketing, education and business development. Want us to make one for you? START HERE >>

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Invensys Foxboro 

Maintenance personnel are responsible for the maintenance of thousands of devices daily all while maximizing plant uptime. Foxboro Evo Maintenance Response Center helps you move from reactive to predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and wasted maintenance efforts. All in all, Foxboro Evo gives improved operational insight and aids team members in making better decisions.

CLIENT: Invensys
ART: Peter Durand
ANIMATION: Evan Barnett

What is a Flame?

What Is A Flame? from Alphachimp Studio Inc. on Vimeo.

"As a curious 11-year-old, Alan Alda asked his teacher, “What is a flame?” She replied: “It’s oxidation.” Alda went on to win fame as an actor and writer, became an advocate for clear communication of science, and helped found the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. He never stopped being curious, and he never forgot how disappointing that non-answer answer was."

For this challenge, Alda tasked scientists with explaining flame. Entries will be judged by a panel of eleven-year-old judges. This compelling opportunity, which puts the power of determining what's effective in education into the hands of students themselves, really moved Alphachimp, and we accepted the invitation from Jeanne Garbarino and Deborah Berebichez of The Fabulab to collaborate on another fun video! (Check out our first collaboration with Jeanne Gabarino: Cholesterol, Friend Before Foe:


CLIENT: The Fabulab ART & DIRECTION: Perrin Ireland EDITING: Betsy Dodd PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Perrin Ireland 



ZanaAfrica: Empowering Girls with iPads 

We are very excited to share a video from our 2012 collaboration with ZanaAfrica, a Kenyan non-profit founded founded by 2011 PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Megan Mukuria. ZanaAfrica empowers Kenyan girls to break cycles of poverty through simple, sustainable solutions. They are developing eco-friendly sanitary pads to provide to young women in Kenya, and they provide health education so that girls can stay in school with confidence. read more of the story >>

CLIENT: ZanaAfrica
ART & DIRECTION: Diane Durand
EDITOR: Betsy Dodd

ADP for Dealers

Payroll Plus is ADP Dealer Services next generation web based payroll solution that is designed to get dealers out of payroll processing and back to the frontline of running their auto business.

DIRECTOR: Diane Durand
ARTIST: Lloyd Dangle
EDITOR: Scott Mumford

What our client says:

How was your video received? Did it get the impact intended?

The Payroll Plus Video was well received from our North America and International associates.

Our sales team is thrilled and are actively showing it every chance they get.

How was the process and collaboration experience?

I thought the project management process and online capabilities to collaborate real-time updates, changes, etc. was very impressive. The delivery methods used to review work in process also made it very easy for me to share with my senior management team to acquire approvals.

How would you describe your overall experience?


I expected this project to take up a great deal of my time, and I was pleasantly surprised when your team looked at my script, suggested some changes, asked for approvals, and then simply started executing.

As the project progressed, I really liked the way you delivered frames for review real-time vs. waiting until all frames were completed. This streamlined the time to completion. Your team really did a great job of making a complicated project easy.

~ Darren Deese, Marketing Manager at ADP Dealer Services


What is Pop!Tech: A Mash-Up with Reggie Watts

A mash-up of iPad art and Reggie Watts from the PopTech Mixed Tape.